Jt’s Proudly Promotes Wheat State Distilling!

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Jt’s Proudly Promotes Wheat State Distilling! Wheat State Distilling is Wichita’s 1st legal distillery! This was an article by Carrie Rengers with Have You Heard on   It’s been a long, laborious process, but Wamego residents David and Kim Bahre on Wednesday received final approval to open Wheat State Distilling in Wichita this summer. “The city of Wichita did not know what to do with […] Read More

Duck Dynasty Commander Wines ~ Yup, it’s true!

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Duck Dynasty Commander Wines ~ Yup, it’s true!        From the hit TV Series Duck Dynasty comes something new and actually very tasty! Duck Commander Wines ~ Believe it or not they are actually pretty impressive! The Robertson Family teamed up with the folks at The Trinchero Family Estates ( a very popular wine producer) to come up with these great […] Read More

Smirnoff Vodka “Handle” special price until 10/28/12

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Smirnoff Vodka “Handle” special price until 10/28/12 Who said liquor couldn’t be sexy?! We are running a special price on our Smirnoff 1.75l for our customers that follow us on social media, and check out our page! Normal sale price is $19.99 BUT….. for those who tell us they have seen this ad, it’s $18.99 Let us know if you found […] Read More


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WOW!!! Bikini Car Wash-T95′s Todd and Tyler-Mustang Brewery’s Beer Tasting & Free Tanning!

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WOW!!! Bikini Car Wash-T95′s Todd and Tyler-Mustang Brewery’s Beer Tasting & Free Tanning! Todd and Tyler coming to Wichita First time in 5yrs! Come by JT’s Liquor and Sol Tan this Saturday July 28th for the T95′s charity bikini car wash! Enjoy beautiful ladies, get your car washed (bikes included), Our first tasting will be held at the same time, so you also get to taste and enjoy […] Read More

Contratulations to our Winners!

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Contratulations to our Winners! Nick Bell – hat & keychain Sandy Swank – Captain basketball Chris Diem – t-shirt & keychain Brian Moore – t-shirt Jenna Kemp – t-shirt & keychain Candy Kauffman – coozies & keychain Michelle Kreager – t-shirt & keychain Bernie Jauregui – hat David Finley – t-shirt Mikki Gilmore – coozies & keychain Kim Lee […] Read More

Cherry Cola Kiss

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Cherry Cola Kiss 1 Part Three Olives Supercola Vodka 1 Part Three Olives Cherry Vodka Whipped Cream Maraschino Cherry Mix Supercola and Cherry Vodka over ice strain into a shot glass Finish with whipped cream and a cherry Read More

Cathedral Square Brews

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Cathedral Square Brews Cathedral Square Hail Mary IPA This Belgian Style IPA is brewed with authentic Belgian yeast from the Westmalle monastery.  It costs us a little more to obtain this yeast but it is what makes this beer so unique.  Imported yeast is what makes this IPA have so many complex fruity esters.  In addition to the […] Read More

May Coupons

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May Coupons         Read More

Chocovine Recipes

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Chocovine Recipes The Ultimate Frosted Almond Martini Mix ChocoVIne Whipped Cream with equal parts Regular & Vanilla Vodka and Amaretto. Shake to perfection and top with Cocoa Liqueur.           The Ultimate Iced Cappuccino Start off with ChocoVine Espresso Mix with Crème de Cacao, Premium Vodka, and a splash of cream. Shake until frothy […] Read More